Sunday, 23 November 2008

Why genetically modified foods harm the Earth?

Are you sure they're strawberries?!!

When you eat strawberry, you're eating salmon! No, this is not the story line in scientific fiction, this is what happened to GM (Genetically Modified) food today.

What is GM (Genetically Modified) Food?
GM is the adoption of biotechnology. Gene from one organism is isolated, and then put into another organism, creating thereby a new bio-artificial. For example, the gene of Arctic fish is believed to be Anti-freeze. So, their gene was taken and implanted into tomatoes to create a new genetically modified cold-resistant tomatoes.

Is GM Food Safe?
For example, if you're allergic to peanuts. Then what happen after you ate tomatoes that contains peanuts DNA? If you're vegetarian, would you like to know that the potatoes you've eaten were added with chicken DNA? To prevent corn and strawberries from rotting, scientists can add cockroach or spiders genes into it. Sounds pretty disgusting! Due to the absence of long-term evaluation, we don't know what to expect for its effect. However, it's likely to damage the ecological balance.

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