Wednesday, 26 November 2008

12-year-old Boy Died After Inhaling too much Deodorant Spray

It's like everything else, having too much of one thing is not good for health.

A 12 years old boy in Sandiacre, Britain (near Nottingham) collapsed and died in his bathroom after inhaling too much Lynx Vice body spray. His heart began to beat irregularly, the hearing was told. His father said he was proud of his appearance and love to use deodorants and hair gels. His father found him collapsed in the bathroom before with irregular heartbeat. But didn't find out the cause.

Indeed, Lynx gave enough warnings on the cans. It is written 'Use in well ventilated places, avoid prolonged spraying.'

Doctors said, deodorant spray should NOT be used in completely sealed spaces, and avoid spraying for too long. Overexposure to such product can create a serious respiratory hazard.

This is not the first case found. In 2005, a 11 years old girl was found dead in her bed with a can of deodorant. The death was ruled an accident, according to the BBC. The name of the deodorant wasn’t released. But Charlotte Henshaw’s mother said her daughter didn’t have a history of sniffing aerosols.

It’s not just sprays that can pose problems.

Last year, a New York teen died after using too much muscle cream. Arielle Newman was an award-winning runner. Her body was found absorbed too much methyl salicylate, an active ingredient in such muscle creams.

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