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Length of Meditation

Yogic science says that there are specific lengths of time needed for certain desired effects during meditation. Most meditations are done for 11 or 31 minutes.

3 minutes of meditation affects the electromagnetic field, the circulation and stability of the blood.

11 minutes of meditation begins to change the nerves and the glandular system.

22 minutes of meditation balances the three minds, and they begin to work together.

31 minutes of meditation allows glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells ad rhythms of the body. It lets the psyche of the meditation affect the 3 gunas, all 31 tattvas, and all layers of the mind’s projections.
62 minutes changes the gray matter in the brain. The subconscious “shadow mind” and the outer projection are integrated.

2.5 hours changes the psyche in its co-relation with the surrounding magnetic field so that the subconscious mind is held firmly in the new pattern by the surrounding universal mind.
Meditation Sadhana

“There are two guiding instincts in man. He is either improving his future or blocking his future improvement. If you are conscious of this, and have an honest and sincere urge to improve the future, you will always have promoting habits. If you cannot care for God, at least care for the future.”

– Yogi Bhajan

To master the effects of a meditation, practice it as a sadhana, a daily discipline. This will develop a life-promoting habit. Habit controls us so much that it is said that we can actually change our destiny by changing our habits. According to yogic science, the human mind works in cycles. We can use various cycles to help replace unwanted patterns of behavior (mental or emotional habits), with new, more positive ones. One commits to a particular meditation or kriya for a specific time:

It takes 40 days to change a habit.
It takes 90 days to confirm the habit.
In 120 days, the new habit is who you are.
In 1,000 days, you have mastered the new habit.

The duration of 40 days of practice lets the meditation provoke your subconscious to release any thoughts and emotional patterns that hinder you. A good meditation will break your old patterns, put in a seed for a new pattern, and clear the subconscious. Try to meditate at the same time each day. It is helpful to keep a journal of your daily practice.

From The Aquarian Teacher Page 136

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