Monday, 16 March 2009

Junk Food

Here is a list of JUNK Food you should avoid, they're not good for your body and will only create sickness!

French fries
This is a deep fried product, which contains large amount of oil and made from potatoes.
* French fries have 43% energy from fat.
* A baked potato only has 1% energy from fat.
Substitution: Baked or mashed potatoes

Deep-fried drumstick
Though it contains abundant protein, it contains large amount of fat after deep-frying.
Substitute: Steamed drumstick or soy sauce drumstick (with skin removed).

Sausages contain a large amount of energy (76% of energy) from invisible fat and salt. We should eat these less frequently than unprocessed lean meats.
Substitution: Fresh or frozen unprocessed lean meat.

Dry salted vegetables
Due to their high salt content, these should also be categorized into the 4th level of the pyramid.
Substitution: Fresh vegetables or vegetables cooked in only a little oil.

Cream cake
It is high in calories because it has a large amount of sugar, butter and cream added during the cooking process, and it has no fiber.
Substitution: Soda crackers, whole-wheat biscuits or plain cake made with less oil and fat.

Soft drinks
Though soft drinks contain water and can partially or briefly relieve our thirst, their high sugar content gives us 'empty calories' with no other nutrients. So, we should only drink these very seldom.
Substitution: Water, low-sugar soymilk, pure fruit juice, low- or nonfat plain milk.

Instant noodles
These are high in calories because they contain a large amount of invisible fat and are always eaten with soup that is high in salt and MSG. So, we should eat these seldom.
Substitution: Fresh noodles, egg noodles, vermicelli or spaghetti.

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